WHAT IS RUSHCON? RushCon 16: November 3-5, 2016, Toronto

RushCon is the largest North American gathering of fans celebrating the music of Canadian rock band, Rush.

Once a year, fans from all over the world gather for several days of activities such as games, a charity auction featuring rare and collectible band memorabilia, a tribute band concert, important guest speakers from inside the band's inner circle and much, much more!

RushCon is a by-the-fans, for-the-fans event where folks have an opportunity to raise money for an important charity whilst having an amazing time learning more about the band, getting to know each other and connecting with other fans from around the world. Over the past 15 years, RushCon members have formed life-long friendships and bonded over their fondness of this band.

It's a tremendously fun, informative and exciting series of events where fans are able to spend a weekend experiencing all the sites and sounds of Rush and simultaneously catch up with old friends who'll make you feel like you're not the only kid in the room who can recognize an odd time signature.

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Spindrift: The Rush Tribute

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Band Members

Marshall Lefferts

Don Zbinden

Adam McLaughlin
Bass, Keys, and Vocals

Spindrift: Beyond the Lighted Stage

Mary Jo, RushCon staff: Give us a little history of the band- how did you meet and discover a shared love of Rush?

Don (Drums): : The band officially started in 2011. Marshall (guitar) met Adam (bass/vocals) when he was in another Rush tribute a couple of years before I joined. As the years went by and the circumstances changed, Marshall and Adam got together and started playing Rush. I joined a few months later and the rest is been a work in progress.

Mary Jo: How did you pick the name? How many names did you go through before you decided on Spindrift?

Adam (bass/vocals): That's an interesting story. This band has changed members a few times over the years and we wanted a new name as a fresh start. We changed names when we changed band members; we started out as T4E, then One Little Victory and now Spindrift. We used the Rush album that was out at the time of the change to pick the name. Spindrift fits our current situation; a natural occurrence that is constantly changing, but also a thing of beauty when it's done right. On second thought, maybe it's not that interesting?!

Mary Jo: Tell us about your gear and set up. Any special items you'd like to mention?

Don (Drums): I use PDP, Roland, Zildjian, and LP gear. I also run an Akai sampler with the drum brains. The riser is like Neil’s only it’s an 8 x 8 octagon that rotates throughout our show for certain songs and the drum solo.

Adam (bass/vocals): Well for the gear: Fender basses, Tech 21 bass preamp, Roland keyboards, Akai samplers. For load in and out: Carhartt shirt, pants and Red wing boots. To get the business down the road I have a Dodge truck (It's a hemi!) and Featherlite trailers. Oh and I almost forgot....I forgot.

Marshall uses a mix of Gibson guitars that are customized (before Alex Lifeson released his Axis model), he has many other guitars that uses in his studio but he sticks with his custom Les Pauls for Spindrift shows. Marshall also uses a modeling amp to complete the recreation of Lifeson's sound.


Mary Jo: What's your Rush preshow ritual?

Don: I spend 20 minutes warming up right before the show. Sometimes on a pad and others on a practice kit. It helps to get the stiffness out and blood flowing. Drink water and stretch are other things I tend to do before the show.

Adam: Well now that is a funny story. Four hours of load in and set up. Then pray that everything turns on, is plugged in right. Sound check while every setting on the monitor board is changed due to a "line noise". Change into stage attire. Then go do a show.

Mary Jo: How do you develop the set list for your shows?

Don: We begin each "cycle" by each picking a 2-3 songs we would like to play. We then decide which ones are feasible to learn and sample out (if needed) in the time allowed before our first show of the year. Then we mix them in with the Rush staples that everyone knows. We come up with about 6 - 7 songs more than we need and make the cuts according to how the set is shaping up. The last couple of years we have been going between a heavier set of '70s songs and a set of ‘80s and '90s songs. Next year we might be looking at some “Hold Your Fire” stuff.

Mary Jo: Are there any songs you have decided to not try to play? Are there songs you always mess up?

Don: There have not been any songs that we have run into that we decided not to try and play. We all like to say we always practice our mess ups. LOL

Mary Jo: Who has the biggest Rush shrine? Tell us about any Rush memorabilia you have?

Adam: Well I'd have to say that I have the biggest Rush shrine. It takes up half of my basement and rotates. You also need earplugs if you want to get close to it.

Don: Are you talking about my drum kit?? LOL

Mary Jo: Who has a child, car or pet named after one of the guys or a song title/lyric?

Don: I have a son Alex but it really is coincidental, even though my friends think differently. LOL.

Mary Jo:Who's traveled the farthest to see the guys? Who has seen Rush the most number of times?

Adam: I have seen Rush the least number of times compared to the other two. But I did do a six year tour just so I could see them in Los Angeles.

Don: Marshall has seen them the most. I have seen them only 16 times. Adam you win for the farthest I guess.

Mary Jo: Tell us about any upcoming shows you have.

Don: Friday, April 13th we will be at Le Musique Room, St. Michael, MN Facebook Event Link

Click here for tickets

Saturday, April 21st we're at St. Croix Casino, Turtle Lake, WI w/Zed Leppelin, free admission to that show.

Mary Jo: How is playing to an audience of Rush fans different than a general audience?

Don: Rush fans know the music and the band inside out. So everything is magnified when performing for them. Rush fans are hard to play in front of and it adds a little more pressure to perform. But we all are Rush fans in the band and we expect a lot from ourselves too. So we are very self-critical as I am sure the audience is critical of us as well. General public just is … general. They tend to want to listen to music and have it be the background till something they know comes up. Then they will react.

Mary Jo: Anything else you want to share?

Don: I would like to thank the Rush fans that have come out and supported us. Rush fans are dedicated to solely Rush. This is our way to say “thank you” to the greatest band in the world, and if we can share, that's great. It’s important to us to thank those who come out not knowing what you’re going to get from a Rush tribute band. It’s taking a chance for sure but we worked hard to develop the show and songs to give the Rush fans the best we can do. They deserve it, Rush deserves it. It would only be fitting to thank them for being a hard working band for over 40 years by working hard to play the music the way they would play it.



Tom Sawyer and Working Man

The Big Money and The Anarchist

La Villa Strangiato





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